Pet Proofing Your Home

Bringing a new pet home can be a lot like bringing in a new baby. You will need to do a few things prior in order to keep your pet safe and your home tidy!

Take a good look at your home for potential dangers. In many ways, this may feel like child-proofing your house for a toddler.

  • Keep breakable items out of reach and store in a safe, high cupboard.
  • Houseplants are beautiful but can potentially be deadly to your pet. Check the ASPCA website for safe suggestions.
  • Decorate your windows with blinds or shades instead of long curtains to avoid the pets pulling, climbing, or chewing on them.
  • Cover your garbage. Chicken bones, plastic wrap, and paper can all pose a hazard to your pets.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent drinking harmful chemicals or possible drowning for very small pets.
  • Store all cleaning supplies and medicine in a secure location to prevent poisoning.

Last but not least, supervise your pet! Doing so will not only benefit your home and your pet’s safety, it will be fun for both of you! The majority of pets love to interact with their owners, so if you’re spending time with and playing with them, they are less likely to get into mischief due to boredom. However, it won’t harm your pet to be in a crate for a few hours while you leave or sleep, if you so choose.

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Kim Peterson