Trim Your Heating Costs

Keeping warm in the winter shouldn’t break the bank or in this case the credit union. The average US family spends the same amount of money on heat leaking out of their homes, as they do on 41 gallons of milk (

The main budget eater that is on everyone’s mind is the monthly utility bill.

Here is a simple check list to help you cut cost and save money right in your own home, at your convenience!

  • No need to heat the whole house, bundle up with a blanket instead of raising the thermostat.
  • Be the office favorite and warm the house by baking on those cold days.
  • Use the ceiling fan to increase airflow. Winter months run the fan clockwise to trap heat in the rooms
  • Hand wash your dishes or turn off heat dry on your dishwasher.
  • Drafty windows, close the curtains or place shrink wrap on your windows.
  • Keep your furnace clean and ready for use. Check with your local utility company if rebates are offered.

There are endless ways to save on heating & energy cost! Visit for interactive ways to save!

Stay Warm!

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Kim Peterson