If It’s Important to the Borrower, It’s Important to Us

No one expects us to read minds—except borrowers. When we put ourselves in their shoes, their heads, we get to the core of our focus. We see the world through their eyes as we should. These are real people with real worries about a process that can be anxiety provoking and confusing. People who will appreciate how our “Say Yes First” philosophy lets them know we will find a way to make it work. By creating this peace of mind, they know that what’s important to them is important to us.


Make an Obsession of Making it Easy.

Technology, passion, off-the-chart mortgage IQs. We have it in spades. And when it all comes together to make the mortgage process easier it’s a beautiful thing, right? It does not happen by accident. We have to be the agents of change here, working tirelessly and obsessively to make the mortgage experience easier. Just like water takes the path of least resistance to get where it wants to go, we also choose the path of least resistance for our borrowers by making it easy. It’s our obsession.


Simplicity Gurus … at Your Service.

Red tape? Nope. Double talk? Double no. We pride ourselves on straight talk, on mountain spring clear communications so customers understand the hows, whats and whys of the home-buying process. Whether they are first-time buyers or more seasoned, we make the experience feel as comfy as the house they’re getting.


Listening is So Much More Than Listening.

Listening. It’s a great start. But like a pebble in a pond, good listening does more. It generates ripples of action and urgent response in the form of mortgage solutions that say, “I heard you.” Everyone listens. Everyone provides service. We take it to the next level. We are attentive experts with our borrowers. Listening is not passive. It is a catalyst. The spark that becomes the solution to what the borrower needs.


Service is A Muscle. Exercise it Daily.

There is no “I” in team. An entire mortgage doesn’t get closed by one person alone. Whether we’re serving our borrowers or our co-workers, we require the need for service excellence every day. Working together, we remember that everyone’s job during and after the mortgage process is important and needed.