Brighten Your Home in the Dull of Winter

As the holiday spirit wears off and the dead of winter sets in, the long, cold days can take its toll. You come home from work after a long day and would love to enjoy the view from your back deck – but brrrr. It’s already dark outside and the unbearable cold sends a chill through your bones. So to the living room you go… only to realize its gloomy disposition.

Offset Winter Blues

To offset those winter blues, consider implementing some of these ideas into your home and bring back that coziness:

  1. Clean Your Light Fixtures and Bulbs – your home will appear brighter without turning on more lights. And who doesn’t want to save on the energy bill?
  2. Retire Your Window Screens for the Season – screens trap dirt and can make your home appear darker adding to the dull of winter.
  3. Let the Light in – clean your windows, open the shades, and let the brightness shine through! Sunshine is a great mood booster.
  4. De-clutter –The less clutter in a room, the more opportunity light has to reach the depths of a room. Whether its furniture, décor or junk, minimizing is key.
  5. Bring the Outside in – there are a multitude of indoor plants that help clean the air. Plants also increase humidity levels, which will help decrease dust and dryness.
  6. Fire Up that Crockpot – what better welcome home then the alluring aromas from your crockpot? Energy efficient and minimum cleanup too.
  7. Reflect Happiness – Mirrors are a great way to reflect light within a room with the added benefit of enlarging the appearance of a room.
  8. Choose Mood Boosting Paint Colors – surround yourself with the lightest colors possible to brighten your mood. Check out the psychology behind paint colors with this HGTV article.
  9. Change the Furnace Filter – it is recommended to change your furnace filter every couple of months to prevent buildup of dust and allergens.
  10. Extend the Invitation – family and friends are key to beating the drab winter vibes. Sit back and have some fun!

You don’t have succumb to those winter blues! Take advantage of these helpful mood brightening tips and enjoy all that winter has to offer!

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