Should I escrow my taxes and insurance?

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One of the big terms in the mortgage world is escrow. An escrow account is set up to collect funds to pay your property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and, if applicable, mortgage insurance. The lender collects one twelfth of each of those yearly premiums each month to ensure there is enough money in the escrow account…

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Rent vs. buying

Hand squeezing a small house with the words Buy or Rent above it

Thinking about whether to buy or rent a house is a hard decision and not one that should be taken lightly. The best advice anyone could possibly give you is to remember to do what’s best for you and your family. Additionally, determine how much of a monthly payment you can afford and how much…

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What is PMI?

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Have you ever laid awake at night wondering what is Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI? Benefits of PMI Don’t confuse Private Mortgage Insurance with homeowners insurance, which insures the actual property in case of a loss. PMI protects the lender when there is less than 20 percent equity and the borrower defaults on a conventional…

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3 Home Staging Tips for a Quick Sale at Top Dollar

Clean living room with couches, center table, and a carpet used as home staging area

Do you want to sell your home quickly and get the best price for it? Follow these three important home staging tips to help you enhance your home’s strengths and minimize the weaknesses so it appeals to as many buyers as possible. Home staging tips 1. Curb appeal – you know the old cliché, “don’t…

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Checklist of Documents

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Getting a home loan can be a stressful time in your life. At SouthPoint, we want to help make the process smooth and easy for you. When you are ready to begin the process and talk to a Mortgage Loan Officer, you will need general personal information such as: Financials Income (hourly or salary): Current…

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Growing Your Greatest Asset

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For most, buying a home is their greatest investment and best asset. They’ve worked hard to save the funds for a down payment, other loan costs and are now budgeting for a monthly payment. However, along with owning a home comes the responsibility to, at minimum, maintain its value. Owning a home can become one…

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Tips to Qualifying for a Home Loan

A man talking to a woman buyer of the house

Oftentimes, the Average Joe doesn’t know much about obtaining a home loan. People hear reports of dropping interest rates and lower home prices and hastily decide to jump into home ownership. To their surprise, they discover that the process of getting a home loan differs from getting a car loan or renting an apartment. Applicants…

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Using your home to your advantage

A man making measurements on a wall with a carpenter's ruler and a pencil

With your home being a power asset, now may be the time to build on the strength of that asset. What is an asset? As your home ages, it can increase in value or appreciate. This is different than other assets like vehicles or campers, which tend to depreciate. One way to help increase your…

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