Spring Cleaning

It’s officially spring but a little too chilly to start in on yard-work. I’ve recently learned there are a lot of people that have spring cleaning rituals. I don’t have a cleaning ritual but thinking it might be a good habit to get into.

Who better to get spring cleaning tips from but the one & only Good Housekeeping! Heck they even have a photo gallery containing 30 photos along with their 30 Days of Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home! There are several cleaning tips everyone thinks of like cleaning windows, dusting the forgotten places, decluttering & cleaning out the oven gunk. Speaking of gunk; I just searched ‘deep cleaning brushes’ on Amazon. Did you know there are over 1000 results which even includes Drinking Straw Cleaning Brushes? I thought these little brushes were awesome and right now they’re only $8.99. They’ll definitely help to clean out those hard to reach corners & crevices

Good Housekeeping was also kind enough to point out things I’ve never considered cleaning. For example who really cleans their broom? When I really think about cleaning a broom I guess it makes sense but I’m not sure I’ll actually follow through with that one. Nor have I thought of de-staining my cutting board or using ice cubes to remove carpet dents – it’s an interesting picture. At first glance it looks like an ice age séance is about to begin!

Cleaning Tips

I do enjoy this cleaning tip that’s listed: ¾ cup bleach mixed with a gallon of water to clean dingy grout. Day 16 has a little ‘recipe’ to disinfect your wash machine with vinegar & baking soda. Oh boy, after further review of this handy Good Housekeeping list I just realized I’ve been putting my family in jeopardy! Everyone needs to run, not walk & get your reusable grocery bags immediately! Apparently they’re “no different” than other fabrics and should be turned inside out to remove “lingering food bacteria”.

Gotta run, the grocery bags are calling me but if I read it right, I need to clean the washing machine first! But, to clean the washing machine I need to get vinegar. To get the vinegar I need to go to the store with my purse. Thankfully I have some disinfectant wipes because Day 29 just informed me of all the fecal bacteria that could be lingering on my purse. Personally I think Day 29 should be listed as Day 1 but I’m clearly NOT the Good Housekeeping expert!

Time for me to start my Spring Cleaning!

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