Landscaping Made Easy

Now that you are settled into your home, you may find yourself asking what you want to do with the yard. Do you want to plant a garden, trees or bushes? Maybe you want paver blocks, a deck or privacy fence. Whatever your design aesthetic, all of these questions or ideas will come into play.

Where to start

Don’t know where to start? No problem! Start planning by making a realistic budget that includes both your wants and needs. I typically window-shop online to get an idea of what prices will be for my upcoming project. Doing this helps give you an idea of your budget.

Next, draw out your plan by starting with the front yard and moving to the backyard. Your design should be functional, yet have curb appeal. Start designing hardscape surfaces which include sidewalks, decks, fencing, patios, etc. Keep in mind that these projects usually involve construction which can compact the soil or damage the turf.

After the hardscape are done, decide what types of plants, flowers or bushes to plant. Remember that they should embrace your house, but not cover it.

Design your backyard as an outdoor living space that you can enjoy throughout the year. A nice seating area can be placed on a deck or around a fire pit with patio furniture of your choice. For more privacy, think about installing a wood fence or planting large shrubs.

If you’re struggling with design choices, I suggest the Landscape Design or Pro Landscape apps, both of which are available on the Google Play and iPhone App store. These programs are great options that will give you a visualization as to what your yard will look like.

The most important thing to remember when landscaping is that your yard is your domain, so have fun and be creative!

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