Grow Your Curb Appeal

You’re selling your home and you realize there are dandelions growing a foot high in your flower beds, so what do you do to increase your curb appeal? Don’t fret! There’s no need to spend a lot of time or money to make your yard look like an HGTV catalog.

How to add curb appeal to your yard

  • Yes, unfortunately you will have to pull the dandelions and crabgrass. Make it easier to remove the weeds by moistening the soil with water. If the weeds break off at the roots, don’t worry about it, you can cover them with mulch.
  • This is a perfect time of year to purchase annuals at the local green house because most plants will be half off! Try to buy healthy looking annuals that are hearty, and require little maintenance, such as geraniums, petunias or marigolds.
  • If you prefer to not plant annuals buy perennials instead. They are a little more costly, but you will have to plant less. A few of my favorites are hostas and coleus for shaded areas or lavender and coneflowers for sunny areas.
  • Plant away! Be sure to plant enough plants. Annuals should be placed a foot apart and perennials 2-3 feet apart.
  • Since you don’t want those pesky weeds returning, you can prevent weed growth by laying down mulch. Mulch can be bought in a variety of colors, but they all prevent weeds and will make your flower beds look well-manicured.

Now that you have your weeds pulled, plants in the grown and mulch applied, don’t forget to water every other day for the first week. Mulch will help keep the moisture in the ground, so no need to water as much after the first week. You’ll have sold your home by then anyways!

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Kim Peterson