Tips & Tricks For Moving During The Holiday Season

As I sit here writing, snow is currently falling outside and the air has gone from summer heat to a sharp winter chill. It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of November. While most Minnesotans like to hunker down for the winter there are still a good number of people who move into a new home during this time of year. With that in mind, I wanted to provide some tips and tricks for moving during the holiday season. Throw on your hats and mittens … here we go!

Get Your Help Lined Up

  • Some people choose to utilize a moving company when relocating to a new home. If this is you, be sure to contact the company you would like to use as soon as you can. They have the same staffing challenges as everyone else, so you want to make sure you’re on their schedule.
  • If you choose to move yourself, an easy trick is to offer to host a family Christmas. I had a member last year who did this and said it worked great. Family arrived a couple days before Christmas to help move things and they still got to enjoy the holiday with those they love after the hard work was done.

Start Early

  • We all know schedules around the holidays get a little bit more chaotic. Between work parties and to the kiddo’s Christmas program it can feel like we’re constantly running. If you have a closing date set around the holidays you’ll want to start packing early. I recommend going through every room in the house and getting all of the items you don’t use on a daily basis packed up. It may also be wise to look into a short-term storage option so you can keep your home clutter free.

Enjoy It!

  • Most everyone loves the holidays; Christmas is my favorite time of year! Couple that with the excitement of moving into a new home and years down the road you won’t remember the stress. You’ll remember blasting Jingle Bell Rock while unpacking up the pots and pans!

Everyone at SouthPoint Home Mortgage would like to with you a safe and happy holiday season!

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