Are you ready to own a home?

Are you ready to buy a house? It’s a question nearly everyone encounters at some point in their life. Whether you’re purchasing a home for the first time or have owned one or many houses in the past, there is always one question that lingers: “am I ready to do this?”

At SouthPoint Home Mortgage, we are happy to sit down with you and help you weigh your options so you can come up with right answer for you. Before you decide, there are things to consider in each category – first time home buyer and second purchasers or beyond.

First time purchase

  • How much do I have for a down payment?
  • How much can I afford?
  • What is Private Mortgage Insurance, and will I have it on my loan?
  • What types of loan products are available to me and what is the best fit?
  • Do I have an emergency fund in the event something breaks in my house and needs to be repaired or replaced?
  • What are the benefits of owning vs renting?
  • What is the interest rate?
  • What is an escrow account and how does it work?
  • Does the home meet my current and future needs?
  • How long do I plan on staying in the home?

Second home purchase and beyond

  • How much will I put down on my new home?
  • What, if any, will be the proceeds from the sale of my current home?
  • Should I use these proceeds for a down payment?
  • Will my loan be contingent on the sale of my current home?
    • If not, am I comfortable with multiple mortgage payments?
  • What will my new mortgage payment be?
  • Does the home I buying meet my current and future needs?
  • How long to I plan on staying in the home?

While these questions are some that should be considered, it’s common to have others that are unique to your situation. At SouthPoint Home Mortgage, we always make time in our day to answer any questions you may have and make sure we are doing our best pointing the way home to you.

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