A Mortgage Team thank you

I know you’re typically used to seeing some fun mortgage topic in the newsletter, but given that it’s the holiday season I figured I would switch things up a little bit. This newsletter is all about you, the members! Who would have ever thought we would pair a global pandemic with historic mortgage rates? Well, here were are on the backside of the craziest 12 months any of us in the Mortgage Department have ever experienced. Quite honestly, I think we all wondered if we would ever see this point! You all as members came out in droves to take advantage of the rates and we were elated to respond. The amount of lives we have impacted over the past 12 months is astounding!

Quite frankly we couldn’t have done it without your patience and grace as we experienced a workload never before seen in our credit union! Admittedly, the process wasn’t always as smooth as we would have liked, but because of our fantastic members we were able to get through it!

John F., Sara W., Casie M., and myself are all thankful for our processors, Shelly H., Alicia R., and Jenn M. for putting in crazy amounts of hours as we pushed them to close as many loans as possible! We are indebted to our Supervisors who gave us the flexibility to do what was necessary to close loans! But most of all we are thankful to you, our members, the lifeblood of SouthPoint for trusting us with your financial success and giving us the opportunity to impact your lives on such a dramatic level!

Here’s to putting 2020 behind us and moving on to 2021 and all the opportunities it presents!

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Brad Haynes

Sales Manager | NMLS #758841